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The biased opinion of a Rush Grill Employee.

The biased opinion of a Rush Grill Employee.

So I know this will be received with a little scrutiny, considering I’m an employee of the Rush Bar and Grill, but I have to talk about our menu options, as I think it deserves the hype.

HOLY COW are they good!

So we haven’t posted anything in regards to the individual items, but I will talk about a couple of my personal favorites. Specifically, one of our appetizers and a couple of our entrees.

First and foremost, HOG WINGS, that’s right HOG wings, not “hot wings” (Yes, we’ve got those too). We have put together these incredible sweet BBQ Hog wings that I am sure will become a staple appetizer and signature for our restaurant. These bad boys are thick hearty pieces of pork rib, cooked and drizzled in sweet BBQ Sauce. The portion size of each rib is insane, and the flavor is epic. I’ve already been busted a couple times with a messy face from these.

The Hot Italian Chicken Sandwich. This is another I believe we’re going to be known for. An Italian marinated, grilled chicken breast, topped with hot mozzarella, pesto sauce, sun dried tomatoes all on a fresh French roll. This thing is tasty. If you enjoy a good grilled chicken sandwich, you have to try this. It’s a perfect balance of pesto and Italian marinade, and the sun dried tomatoes give it this signature flavor you won’t forget.

And last but absolutely not least, The Sweet Texas.

Your traditional Texas BBQ Burger with a 1/3lb Angus patty, topped with onion ring, American cheese and our sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. This burger is flavor on flavor on flavor. The hefty 1/3lb Angus patty is filling, and the flavor of the BBQ sauce and onion ring make it another one of my favs. Another must have you will not regret.

So, again, this may be biased, but I am in love with our menu options and can’t wait to share more. So stay tuned because we’re going to have a ton of great food and drinks to share with you in the next few weeks.




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